Covering the skills you want in the location that’s right for you.

White Water, Surf, Sea Kayak, Paddle Boarding, White Water SUP and Open Canoe Coaching

We normally start in a café over a coffee to fully understand where you are at and go over a few TTPP (technical, tactical, psychological and physiological) aspects of your paddling, so that we can start planning and building up a clear picture of what you want to achieve.

This normally gives a good starting point to focus on you whilst carrying out a diagnostic of your paddling on the water to see if it all matches up: then we set a few tasks to highlight or narrow down where best to start our coaching. We make this as progressive as we can and mix lots of challenges/tasks making this exciting and enjoyable. We normally find there is a theme through the day so that we can tackle development holistically rather than it feeling ‘bitty’.

After the day on the water we take some time to set some SMART targets so you can continue to improve yourself until well after the course is over and achieve your goals or ambitions.

Skill level: Beginner – Advanced

Boat & Equipment: All equipment can be provided if needed.

Ratios: 1:1

Venue: TBC on enquiry

Price Per Day: £160 in the week. £180 Weekends and school Hoildays.

Dates: Date to suit you