SUP White Water Coach Training

Date(s) - 16/11/2023 - 17/11/2023
Start time - All Day

Location - Newbridge Carpark, Devon

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Typically run over 2 days the Discipline Specific Training focuses on HOW to coach the WHAT (discipline specific skills) and WHERE you will be coaching. The training explores how to coach technical and tactical skills. The course will help you to plan and deliver safe, enjoyable, progressive coaching sessions and explore specifics to help you coach typical learners on White Water. You are required to have attend White Water Safety and Rescue Training (or equivalent) before booking on your training. We recommend that you hold the White Water SUP Award before booking on your training to ensure your have the personal skills required
You can look at a Sample Programme here.

The Coach Award eLearning is an online set of activities that need to be completed before assessment when completing the BCAB Coach Award. These activities are only available once you have registered for the Coach Award, after which, a log in will be generated and sent to you. You can register at anytime, but it must be complete before you Check-in for assessment. The activities inside this eLearning package are:

Coaching Philosophy
How Learners/Athletes Learn
Stages of Learning
Enabling Learners/Athletes to Learn
Coaching To Develop Learner/Athlete Learning
Coach’s Decision Making
Information Gathering
Creating an Optimum Learning Environment
Structuring Practice Sessions
Games With Aims
Reflective Practice
Planning Coaching Sessions
Roles and Responsibilities
Deployment Matters
Welfare of Learners/Athletes
Equality and Learner/Athlete Needs


Bookings are closed for this event.