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  • You are required to plan and deliver a minimum of 90-minutes practical and progressive coaching activity. This can be through two separate practice based sessions, multiple smaller sessions, or one long session. You will be seen coaching real students; their standard being suitable for coaching in the upper limits of the stated award environments.
    During the practical assessment, you are given responsibility for athletes’/learners’ safety, enjoyment and learning. You are responsible for gathering information about the athlete/learner needs, the environment and any safety related matters and using this information, ensure your session content and delivery meets the needs and motivations of the athletes/learners.
    Evidence will, in the main, be gathered by your assessor from observation of performance. This will be supplemented by questioning and discussion regarding the observed behaviour, your previous experience, your responses to the assessment discussion task and/or scenario type situations.


    The formal prerequisites are detailed in the Coach Award Course Guide.
    Note that candidates under 18 may be able to present for assessment (unless otherwise implied by the Leadership Award prerequisite). Where providers choose to allow coaches under the age of 18 to attend the course, appropriate safeguarding measures must be implemented and due attention paid to the enhanced and legal responsibilities.
    Prior to assessment candidates will need approval from their Home Nation Association in order to proceeed to assessment. This free of charge ‘peace of mind’ service will confirm they have all of the assessment prerequisites and the candidate will receive confirmation to show their assessor.
    BCAB/Coaching/Coach Award/Tutor and Assessor Notes/V1-2 Dec17

    BCAB 2017 Page 11 of 18

    Candidates MUST take the following paperwork to their assessment:

    1. Completed Assessment Discussion Task
    2. Logbook of experience
    3. Evidence of Home Nation Association approval for assessment

    Ratios: 1:2 Maximum.

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